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Richie's 4oz. Premium Italian Ices

With the addition of the 4oz. Italian Ice Pre-Pak cups, Richie's now has an Italian Ice line that can reach a whole new market of customers that require a smaller unit to sell. along with being our Premium Italian Ice Product that everyone is familiar with and love. This will sure be a hit!

Lemon 4oz.png
Blue Vanilla.png
Watermelon 4oz.png
Cherry 4oz.png



Unit Size: 4OZ.

CASE PACK: 18 Count

Case Weight: 3 LBS.

Case Measurements 6.38"D X 9.5"W X 6.25"H

Case Cube: .32 Cubed


210 Cases on a pallet

Pallet Weight: 1200 LBS.

7 Layers X 30 Cases/Tier

Pallet Meas. 48" X 40" X 43.75"

Pallet Cube: 48.61 Cubed

          List of Flavors:


  • Watermelon 4oz.

  • Lemon 4oz.

  • Blue Raspberry 4oz.

  • Cherry 4oz

  • Blue Vanilla 4oz.

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