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Richie's 10oz. PrePak Italian Ices


You can count on Richie's 10-ounce Super Premium Pre-Pak Cups to be not only smooth, thirst-quenching, but also good for you in that they are fat free, dairy free, cholesterol free and gluten free. And, they come ready to serve. What more can you ask for?

Blue Raspberry 10oz.
Lemon 10oz.
Cherry 10oz.
4 Basket 10oz. Freezer
List of Flavors:


  • Lemon 10oz.

  • Watermelon 10oz.

  • Cherry 10oz.

  • Mango 10oz.

  • Blue Vanilla 10oz.

  • Blue Raspberry 10oz.

  • Coconut Cream 10oz.

  • Sour Apple 10oz.

  • Orange Cream 10oz.

  • Strawberry 10oz.

  • Root Beer 10oz.

  • Lemon-Lime 10oz.

  • Banana 10oz.

  • Cotton Candy 10oz.

  • Grape 10oz.

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